"Traveling abroad should be exciting
but not hazardous to your health"

Travel Vaccines

30 years ago there was a list because there were certain requirements by many countries and just a few available types of vaccines. With the exception of COUNTRIES REQUIRING YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION, most requirements dropped and many more vaccines are available, there are now recommendations to keep you safe and healthy. As with many other things in life, everybody seems to have an opinion about travel vaccinations–ranging from reliable to out-of-date.

While a bad choice in drinking water can make you sick for a few days, a bad choice in travel health advice can leave you sick for a lifetime. The best way to make intelligent, cost-effective decisions is to see a travel medicine specialist such as Dr. Bijan Farah.

Some websites offer general recommendations such as CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION but your specific travel vaccination choices depend on your destination, duration and type of travel and accommodations, your age, vaccination and health history, tolerance for risk and your budget. We practice what is called “Evidence-based Medicine”. That means that we base our recommendations on solid data about what the risks are at your destination. No guessing or “gut feelings”. Using the best available travel health databases, we prepare over 5,000 travelers each year for their trips. To be safe, get good personal advice and call our office today.