"Traveling abroad should be exciting
but not hazardous to your health"

About Us

Bijan Farah MD – Medical Director

Center for Traveller’s Immunization

Internal Medicine / Emergency Medicine

The Center has knowledge, experience, and excellent service have earned the trust of many travelers!

We hold true to our principle of “fair pricing and excellent service.”

We provide the most gentle, pain free shot on this planet… period… honest! We have a very large stock of travel medications and one of the largest vaccine inventories in Los Angeles – San Fernando Valley area of Southern California. When you need it, it’s in stock!   We are a complete urgent care office with minimal to no waiting, that’s as friendly, spotless, professional and efficient as you’ll ever see. Truly “one-stop”. We hope you’ll come and see us. We think you’ll be impressed.

At our clinic you can talk to Medical Doctor (certified in travel medicine) and get any travel vaccination and immunizations you need.  Unlike other travel clinics that just read about travel, our knowledge and experience come from our own staff traveling to the far reaches of the globe! Some of the many travel experiences includes safaris in the African continent; being surrounded by thousands of penguins in Antarctica, white water rafting from the cold river’s run off of Mt. Everest and Nepal, ocean diving and snorkeling in the Australian Great Barrier Reef, camping along the rivers edge of the Amazon and many more!