"Traveling abroad should be exciting
but not hazardous to your health"

Center For Traveller’s Immunization

The Center for Traveller’s Immunization located in the heart of Encino, Ca was established in 2002 to provide the finest medical care to our clients.  Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure our center is designed to help and prepare your customized medical needs for any upcoming travel plans.

The center was founded and is currently lead by Bijan Farrah, MD.   Dr. Farrah is specialized and board certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, with special interest and experience in Traveling Medicine.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, our Center will help you prepare for your trip.

We offer counseling and recommendations for travel health based on our experience in travel medicine and current medical/travel guidelines.

Our knowledge, experience, service, and value pricing have earned the trust of traveller’s!

Based on where you wish to travel, we will help with our expert knowledge in travel medicine and the current travel medical guidelines.  We offer health counseling and recommendations, providing needed immunizations and/or prescribing medication needed for your safe travels.

Here at the Center for Traveller’s Immunization, we hold true to our principle of “fair pricing, excellent service, and value”.

To our money smart traveller’s excellent value makes economic sense. When both medical services, and pricing of travel immunizations are balanced, the result equates to the highest level of personalized service. By completing all of your needs in one visit, it saves money, time, and gas.  Same day appointments or walk-ins are always welcome!

Your Health is Our Business.  Travel Safely.